Deadline for submissions: Monday 3 April 2017

We live in an age of obfuscation, of misdirection, of dissemblance. Now more than ever we need vision: not just vision for a future that works but clarity of sight and thought, something lying transparently before us that doesn’t seem to blur fact from fiction.

Yet even words – big and small – matter. And like images they can trick the eye, they can shield meaning through exile of thought – shutting out people who haven’t read a thesaurus or don’t care to. And shutting people out is what seems to preoccupy us most of all, whether it’s a thug in the White House or a mob in Pretoria.

What does ‘vision’ mean to you? Is it the gift of sight, or the ability to see things others don’t? Can vision be separated from the other senses, or is it part of what we sense in general, what we feel or understand about something regardless of how it appears?

We look forward to receiving your work. Show us how you see things.

Elan Gamaker


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