Unwritten Letter To My Lover

Each month we will issue a new writing challenge for you to share a new poem with us. For the first writing challenge, we decided to take it easy and choose a topic many poets find easy to tackle; love. Share your poem/s with the theme “Unwritten Letter To My Lover” today.

Have you ever thought of a special someone and had all the feelings BUT none of the words? Are you the kind to leave things unsaid…unwritten? Do you have a world of poems inside you, just never found the right time to release? Now is your time! Find the words, paint beautiful images with them and let them carry us…or even that lover to a whole new world.

How do I get my work in the global anthology/mixtape?
The Next Generation Speaks project comes to an end in September 2017. After 6 months of issuing new writing challenges for poets all over the world to respond to, we’ll have more than enough to pick from in order to create a global anthology and mixtape from the poems submitted.

How do I submit my work?
Submitting your work to the Next Generation Speaks project is simple. Upload your poem as text, video or audio on any platform and share on Twitter or Facebook with the official hashtag, #NextGenSpeaks. You can submit as many poems as you like, the whole point is to write and share with a growing global community. Please keep poems shorter than 200 words.


About Next Generation Speaks

The Next Generation Speaks is a global spoken word collaborative initiative that brings together arts organizations from five countries spanning three continents. They are ROOTS & ROUTES from The Netherlands, Urban Woorden from Belgium, Brouhaha International from the UK, Youth Speaks from the USA, and Word N Sound from South Africa. Using spoken word as the medium, these organizations are challenged to not only exchange ideas on a global scale, but more importantly to find new ways of fostering capacity building for arts organizations, develop networks that will empower youth and increase their mobility.

Facebook: Next Generation Speak
Twitter: @NextGenSpeaks_
Instagram: @NextGenSpeaks

(Image courtesy of Next Generation Speaks)


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